Over the last 25 years, Ms. Davenport has had a very successful career in the Information Technologies area. This career has taken her to three different states, the last being Arizona, where she now calls home. “I recall getting ready for work one morning, while listening to Fox 10 News.  The anchor mentioned that a company would be looking to hire 500 new people. I immediately stopped in my tracks and began to listen closely. I discovered that Arise would be holding information sessions at the ASU campus.  I made note of the date and made it a point to attend.  I left that meeting with all of my questions answered, and I was sold.  It did not take much convincing because I have a history of network marketing, I understand the power of word of mouth advertising, and my I.T. background did not hurt.  This meeting took place December 2004, right around the holidays.  Yes, it was Christmas time, and I was out researching a business opportunity, and not in the malls shopping! I signed up to partner with Arise, and by February 2005 I had completed my training with a major international airline and had already received my first check!”

“Having my business has been a savior during rocky business times.  I have had the misfortune of losing an I.T. job that I loved.  Once I finished packing my nice cardboard box, I went home and immediately reviewed the agent scheduling system and selected extra hours to work on my client; I then proceeded to peruse the new opportunities board and enrolled for training for a new client. Problem solved.  It is important that you understand that I did not miss a pay day. I had choices available to me and I took full advantage of them. Partnering with Synergy is about having options.”